ACREL Hospital Isolated Power Supply Application in Pitsanulok hospital project


With the widespread application of electronic medical equipment in hospitals, the threat of leakage current to patients is becoming greater and greater, especially in places where life is critical. The patients are directly exposed to various electrodes and sensors during surgery or anesthesia. Inserted into the human body, even the slight leakage current may cause the patient to be electrocuted. In addition, some medical equipment is used to maintain the lives of critically ill patients. Once the equipment is powered off, it will also threaten the lives of patients. Therefore, for the electrical design of the special place of the hospital, the IT system should be used for power supply in strict accordance with national standards and regulations.This article introduces the application of Medical isolated power supply in Pitsanulok hospital project.


Medical IT,Insulation monitor device

0.Project Overview

Pitsanulok hospital project is located in Thailand,the project is mainly used for Pitsanulok hospital medical equipment update .


 Electric shock and system fault caused by power distribution system are mostly caused by the grounding fault of equipment line. Grounding fault will directly bring the harm of power supply interruption; when the earth fault leakage is serious, it will even burn electrical equipment or lines, causing irreparable loss.
  In Medical places, especially those life-threatening class 2 medical places, patients in surgery or anesthesia state, without self-behavior ability, small leakage current can lead to electric shock death of patients. Therefore, the electrical design of this special place should be carried out strictly in accordance with the relevant national standards and specifications.

 IT power distribution system (also known as isolated power supply system or ungrounded system) has very small leakage current to ground due to its neutral point ungrounded. When the first insulation fault occurs, the power supply of the equipment will not be affected. So the system can continue to operate. The insulation monitoring device installed in the system can detect the fault in time and send out the corresponding fault warning, prompting the relevant personnel to remove the fault at the appropriate time. For the operation room, intensive care unit and other medical places with high requirements for power supply continuity and safety, local IT system power supply can ensure the security and reliability of power supply for important loads.


2.Description of five sets of medical IT products Introduction

Medical IT system insulation monitoring and fault locating products (five-piece set) include AITR series medical isolation transformer, AIM-M100 medical intelligent insulation monitoring instrument, AKH-0.66P26 current transformer, ACLP10-24 DC power supply, and AID series(AID120/AID150) centralized alarm and display instrument, which are shown in Table 1.

3. On site Photos

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